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Advanced Fiberglass Services

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Field Service

Advanced Fiberglass Services provides staff to install, modify, and repair fiberglass and plastic components on site for their customers. The highly trained field service teams enable AFS’s customers to minimize production down time related to fiberglass installation and repair.

Projects a significant distance away from our plant can be staffed on a short term or long term basis.

Field Service teams are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Advanced Fiberglass Services provides dependable, cost effective, guaranteed work.


Steel Tank Coating

A local steel company and long-time customer had a steel tank that they needed to repair so they were taking it out of service for a few days. While it was out of service for repairs, they asked if we could do anything to extend the tank’s life. Due to the tank’s importance in their day-to-day operations, we were under a strict time constraint. We discussed several options and agreed that the best option, given the time constraint, was to use a two part coating system. First, we prepared the surface to remove all loose scale and paint. Then we applied a rust convertor primer and a protective top coat. Our service team completed the work ahead of schedule and the tank was back in operation the next day.

Fiberglas (FRP) Liners

We have developed our own proprietary lining system, the HL-922 Lining System, as an alternative to purchasing a new vessel. This system saves our customer’s money without sacrificing quality. It is an extremely versatile system that can be used in many areas throughout the customer’s facility regardless of the facility’s operation, including steel or concrete surfaces in pickling, electroplating, industrial waste treatment for process vessels, trenches and sumps and secondary containment areas.

Our specialized proprietary system offers two options:

Option 1
The HL-922 Prefabricated Panel Lining System is designed using a combination of prefabricated and hand lay-up FRP panels.

Option ...