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Clawson Tank

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Clawson's Horizontal Tanks

Clawson's Horizontal Storage Tanks

Clawson Tank's Horizontal Storage Tanks provide safe storage and a wide variety of sizes to meet your needs. Available in single or double-wall carbon steel construction (stainless steel construction available upon request). Tank joints are of lap weld construction with 1/2 in overlap. Flat-flanged heads are standard, as are continuous exterior fillet weld joints. Each tank passes a 5-psi factory air test and seam inspections. Tanks can be designed and labeled with the Underwriters Laboratories UL142 label. Quantity, size and location of fittings are installed as specified by the customer.
Clawson's Vertical Tanks

Clawson's Vertical Storage Tanks

When space is at a premium, Clawson's UL142 Vertical Storage Tank is the perfect choice for storing chemicals, oils, fertilizers and all types of fuels. Heavy-duty carbon or stainless steel construction ensures safe and dependable storage that will last for years. Standard finish on carbon steel tanks is red oxide primer. The tank's flat bottom requires only a concrete slab or compacted aggregate base for installation.
Clawson's Process Tanks

Clawson's Process Tanks

Used for blending or mixing of chemicals, these tanks are custom designed and built to meet customer specifications including pressure rating, material (carbon or stainless steel), capacity, vents and fittings. Dished heads provide full drainage and maximum pressure ratings. Process tanks can be built to ASME specification. Other factory installed options include heavy-duty steel skirt or legs, insulation, heating and cooling jackets, interior linings and exterior finishes.
Clawson's Pressure Tanks

Clawson's Pressure Tanks

Clawson Tank Company custom builds ASME labeled Pressure Vessel to your specifications. Contact Clawson Tank today for more information or request a quote today!