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FRP Pipe, Fabrication, Repair and Installation

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Advanced Fiberglass Services

Advanced Fiberglass Services is a leader in fabrication, repair and replacement of custom built fiberglass reinforced plastic components for corrosive environments. Providing duct work, fume hoods and duct assemblies, scrubbers, stacks, vessels, pipe systems, strainer baskets, electroplating solutions cells, and control panels.

Conley Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass Piping Systems

Conley Corporation Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass Piping Products have successfully answered the demanding needs of the fluid processing industry for over 50 years. Conley produces FRP/GRP/GRE systems in a variety of resins to handle fluids in chemical and pharmaceutical processing, power generation, marine piping, offshore platforms, oil refining, thermal oxidizer units, as well as slurry, fire, fuel, wastewater, desalination, sewer and condensate return lines. We continue at the forefront today, with the firm belief that our position as industry leaders is the result of superior design, technology, innovation and a “Commitment to Excellence” in our products, sales, and customer service.

Conley Corporation manufactures ...