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Flexijoint® Expansion Joint

These flexible PTFE connectors and tremor barriers are designed to compensate for misalignment, absorb expansion and contraction, and isolate the vibration and shock that could damage a tank. Their low spring rate protects stress sensitive connections. Can be installed directly to the dome of the tank to overcome piping misalignment


Bolt Materials

316 Stainless Steel
Alloy 400



Gasket Materials


Fluoroelastomer GF

Performance Specifications

Axial Compression ≥ 1.5 in
Axial Extension ≥ 0.625 in

Lateral Deflection ≥ 0.750 in

Angular Deflection ≥ 14°

Torsional Rotation ≥ 4°


Ethylene’s Exclusive Fluorforming™ process guarantees multiple convolution walls of consistently uniform thickness for any size.
Features T-Band™ root and sidewall support and protection from over-compression

LimitLinks™ Stainless Steel Cables Protect from Over-Expansion.

Made of Pure 100% Virgin PTFE Resin