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Combination of Internal and External Fill / Discharge Drop Pipe

Fill Line assemblies are available in PVC and CPVC with sizes ranging from 1 to 3 inches and include a true union for quick assembly. When choosing a fitting, be sure to consider if the fill will be placed on the flat of the dome; otherwise it will require a self-leveling fitting.



1 to 3 in




For dome fittings installed +/- 12 in from the sidewall, standard pipe supports can be used. If the dome fitting is more than 12 in from the sidewall or if the fitting size is greater than 4 in, you must use a non-invasive internal pipe support (our “promo tank”) to support the internal piping. Customer installation of the internal drop pipe assembly is required. Use a universal ball dome fitting for easier installation. Pipe supports should be used one for every 6 in of sidewall height.

Optional Fittings

45° Elbow as Shown
Ball Valve

Quick Adapter and Cap